The Open Multiple View Geometry Library

Here you can download a docker image with openMVG 1.3 ready to use. It can be used to quickly test openMVG without compiling it. 

You can download the image using the following link. 


1. Download the 7z image 

2. Uncompress it in a folder (ex ~/openMVG_image)

3. Load it into your docker platform:

$ cd ~/openMVG_image (choose here the folder where you extracted the image)
$ docker load -i openmvg_1.3.tar 

4. Run the image:

$ docker run -it -rm openmvg_1.3 /bin/bash 

5. Enjoy openMVG !

openMVG project is compiled into:


The executables are inside the folder:


Finally, the SfM pipelines are located in:

 Using images located on the host

Assuming your images you want to process are located in directory structure like: 


In order to process the set1 you have to mount it into the docker using the following line :

$ docker run -it -rm -v ~images:/Images openmvg_1.3 /bin/bash

You will now have folder on your docker environment located at the root of the filesystem named "Images" containing your host images. You can for example use the global pipeline on it : 

$ cd /Images
$ python /opt/openMVG_build/software/SfM/ set1 mvg_set1

This will create a directory named mvg_set1 inside your ~/images folder with the result of the corresponding openMVG pipeline.